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Memory currently on my mind:

Playing Mahler 1 @ Brevard with a very Jewish standpartner, Abby... who gets crazier by the day based on the photos of her on Facebook. Quite possibly the best stand partner I've ever had. Definitely the most fun.

Abby found a way to make EVERYTHING Jewish. Even Brahms 2.

Hey Holly...

Hey Holly, look what I came across! HAHAHAHAHA! I love this picture, it's too funny!
Who took this, you or Ric?

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How is it the more research I do, the further behind I feel? I mean, seriously, I need to cut the chord here with this paper and get it DONE.
So, I've been here at the FSU Library for a few hours and I have found SO much stuff. I found the original Rabinovich book that first makes the claim about the Puskin Romances. Since of course this is relevant to my thesis I have been able to explore it further... GOSH it's nice to actually have resources here... like, SCORES... GEEZ...
Anyway, since I have the complte works of DS at my disposal, I have been thumbing through several relavent scores. Found some AWESOME stuff in the original Puskin Romances vs. the ones DS orchestrated in 1960. (One year after Rabinovich's findings... hum, why? no, seriously, not sarcasm... why?).
I wish I were better at reading Russian. Took me like 10 minutes to go through the index of scores (it's all in Russian) to make sure I had the right scores in front of me. Thank GOD for cognates.
Is it wrong to correct Rabinovich? I mean, his writing is old school and confusing but I really think he made an actual mistake. Will post later.
Ahh, craziness resumes.


MY LIVEJOURNAL IS GOING FRIENDS ONLY (now that most everyone has an LJ).

Ghetto Checklist:
you know you ghetto if...

-you took bubble baths with dishwashing liquid.

-you save cooking grease and got it sitting in an old Crisco can near the stove.

-You had a grocery cart in your yard and you and all the kids on the block use to play in it. )

-your drinking glasses used to be jelly jars

-you apply fingernail polish to your pantyhose to keep a ruin from messing up more

-you put pancakes with syrup in a ziplock bag and bring on the bus.

-you constantly use *69 on your telephone and you say "Did you just call

-you ask if the Dollar Store accepts checks.

-you bring your own snacks to the movies.

-you wash your paper plates

-you eat chicken and biscuts for breakfast.

-you gotta worry about your tracks melting in the heat.

-you hung out with kids named Pookie, Ray Ray, Tay Tay, Ke Ke, Man Man, or Twin.

-you have more than 2 hair styles on one head. (Ex. French Roll on the back
right, Crimps on the back-left, Spiral Curls in the front going to one side, and
fingerwaves in the front.)

- you use to get your hair done in the kitchen.

-you took the batteries out of the smoke detector to put them in your remote.

-your man can wear his hair in a ponytail but you can't.


-Your Grandmama got her furniture covered in plastic.

-you know how to manually flush a toilet.


-You ever wore a wig and you got a head full of hair.

-you ever use a piece of paper or torn a cereal box to use as a dust pan.


MY LIVEJOURNAL IS GOING FRIENDS ONLY (now that most everyone has an LJ).


Jan. 3rd, 2006

I just read my new years resolutions from last year... I didn't think I'd made any but I did! I totally forgot about them... However, the interesting thing about it is that I kept all of them!
So here it goes. In 2006 I will:

1) Finish my graduate school applications.

2) Figure out what the hell I'm doing with my life.

3) Return peoples phone calls and do a better job of keeping in touch.

4) Be healthier.

5) Be a better teacher and take the time to do things for my students that really matter.

6) Up my service work.

Jan. 3rd, 2006

Because I was terribly rude and forgot to mention it:
Mary Grace also made an appearance and graced me with her presence for new years. :)
And, she still doesn't like Young Jeezy but I still love her anyway.
I don't even know where to begin since I haven't updated in forever! Anyway, my break was awesome. When I got home I took a couple of days just to spend with my family. I helped mom around the house because dad wasn't able to because of his back. She sent me to Goodwill and the old man accepting donations kept "flattering me" (more like a bad case of pedophilia...) by calling me "Miss America" goodNESS... anyway, she kept sending me up there over the whole break and the same guy was there each time and I was referred to as "miss america" and other various names that made me very uncomfortable. Anyway, I also got to hang out with Aaron (no, not exboyfriend Aaron) and Lena (Aaron's sister). It was great to catch up with them.
Then there was Andrea's 21st birthday party... pictures are needed to truly do this justice... and they are on the way-- promise. We had an absolute BLAST. Anyway, her mom booked her a hotel room at the nice Hyatt in downtown G-Vegas lol. It was such a nice room and they had crackers, cheese and drinks for us when we got there. We also made Josh carry our crate (literally, a PINK crate) of alcohol upstairs which was funny because he was the minor in the group lol. We pregamed in the hotel room until everyone for the party arrived and then we went to this bar (Wild Wings) down the street and drank entirely too much beer and listened to some random band. Then we decided that Andrea needed a birthday cake and so we went to a crazy minimart and bought "birthday cake" ice cream. Such randomness! We were going to try to go out and dance but the club we wanted to go to was closed-- probably because Christmas eve was the next day. So we went to another bar for a while and ate pizza at 3 am there. It was the best pizza I've ever consumed! We then went back to the hotel room and partied until we at some point fell asleep. We woke up at 7am (don't ask how) and were all hungry so we ordered room service-- which was AWESOME btw! Such yumminess!
There's more to all of this but I'll wait to post about it when I get the pictures up. I know I'm slack.
Then there was Christmas Eve-- which was nice because I bought Mom and Dad a butt load of presents which I htink they really liked. Christmas was beautiful-- mainly because I have a new cousin! And he's adopted! Yay! For those of you know don't know, I plan to adopt my children if and when I have them. He was 19 days old on Christmas so literally a new born... I've never really been around a baby that young and it totally caused my heart to melt. I loved the baby!!!! Being with my family was also wonderful and we had a blast playing our traditional "White Elephant". Yet again I brought the ugliest gift... Pictures to come.
I worked on some grad school stuff and wasted time the day after Christmas and then it was time for Dad to have his back surgery. He was in the hospital for two days and mom and I spent all day there wiht him. It was really stressful and she and I were completely stressed out about it but he is doing well and already notices a HUGE difference in the way he feels. This we are all grateful for. This is the second surgery he's had in the course of 4 months! It brought into perspective that my parents are really not young any more... especially my dad.
Then it was time to come back to Columbus. I picked Andi and Josh up on Thursday and we made it to Columbus in one piece... though at times I didn't think we would. The traffic was unreal! Ugh.
Anyway, Ellen joined us soon after and we had a blast this weekend.
We went out on Friday for "Andi's Virgin Club Experience" but it sucked because it was totally slow and the DJ totally blew. Anyway, we stayed up entirely too late watching Napoleon Dynamite and eating crazy sandwiches and au gratin potatoes at 4 am. Nuts.
New Years was a blast but would have been better if everyone wasn't sick. Ellen and I started coming down with something which inhibited our ability to get drunk. However, Andi made up for it... DANG she was drunCK. haha!
Emanuel was there and so I hung out with him the majority of the time. He was totally disappointed in me because I mixed up a part of the dance and was doing it all wrong. Haha! He and his friend hung out with us for a bit afterwards but I started to feel really stank... which brings me to Ellen and I feeling like total crap yesterday and not doing anything all day. A friend of mine (Abe) who lives right across the way came and took care of us and brought us food... which we were grateful for because everyone had left and that point and neither of us were in condition to go out or cook. Ellen felt well enough to leave today but this morning I felt even worse. I feel better now but I've got to kick this thing soon. I have a job interview (long, random story) for another teaching job on freakin Wednesday and I have to play (yuck, I do NOT want to practice at ALL) for it and finish my resume-- not to mention I have to go back to work tomorrow. Yeesh.
Anyway, I'm going to be lazy and watch a movie or something with Abe later. I'm supposed ot meet him at 8:30 so I better get off of here.
Hope everyone is having a good 2006. In other news: Ellen and I got married on Facebook but most importantly... it's SHOSTAKOVICH'S CENTENIAL! Yay!
Funniest quote from the weekend:
Genny: Hey, they say that God has a sense of humor.
Ellen: He must have a sense of humor to have created some people!
GoodNESS I haven't posted in forever! I'm still alive and had a wonderful holiday-- hope everyone else did. Happy New Year to everyone, too. Mine was great with the exception of being sick as a dog today. Andi, Josh, Ellen and MG came to spend new years with me and now Ellen and I have something AWFUL. She was going to go back today but we've both been so sick that she decided to stay. We all did have a wonderful time until she and I came down with whatever the hell this is. We've both been hacking up a lung and she threw up a few times and we've both had fever and chills. What a fun way to bring in 2006. Anyway, I have so much to post about but don't really feel like doing it right now. To be honest I don't really feel like doing much of anything. However, I did have a fantastically fun break and have tons of fun stories and PICTURES coming soon.
If you're traveling, be safe!