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Jul. 2nd, 2007

Just a note to let everyone know that I'm alive and well. Saying that I'm doing well would actually be an understatement right now as I cannot remember the last time I felt this positive and self-aware.
Anyway, I apologize for not knowing what might be going on in the lives of those who hold journals on here. I really haven't signed on in about a month or so. So, drop me a note sometime and let me know what's up.
For those who haven't heard from me since I made my big decision... I'm very happy with what I decided. I know I did the right thing and the future is bright.
So many good things to report. I'll have to find some time soon to do that.
What the hell am I doing here?
Моя жизнь посвящена изучению Shostakovich
24 days left.
Just as I suspected, my letter arrived.

The only bad thing is that I STILL do not know about money. However, the decision is almost 100% official that I will be going there because I have a job and I can audition for symphonies when I arrive. I feel truly like I'm being (and have been) lead in this direction. Please keep your fingers crossed about money because I have no idea when they will inform me of that.
I am so glad to see this process END.

Holly invited me over for celebratory beer and a midnight swim-- just what I needed. Goodnight all. Peace is with me now, sort of.
I think it's funny when people (with stuck up attitudes about music who will remain nameless but know very well who they are) try to tell me that my "little hip hop obsession" is silly and will never amount to something. Alrighty, go ask that guy at UCLA that's doing his dissertation on it... or, ask Charles, who did a regional AMS presentation on Marilyn Manson... in the SOUTH. What I think is even more funny is how this person (one in specific) claims to LOVE Shostakovich as much as he does but yet... doesn't seem to care about his words... or the fact that Shostakovich truly lived them and I think that to be a true admirer of DSCH you've got to get in his head. I'm not saying you've got to agree with everything he said (though not being a musical snob would be a good start) but you've got to see his perspective and dat a fact.
An that note, CDs to purchase before the road trip to Baton Rouge/New Orleans (ummmmmm the birth place of all this mayhem):

* Purple Ribbon All Stars, I've simply GOT to pick this up to add to my collection of Texas hip hop.

* Dem Franchize Boyz... NO, not because of "I think they like me" because I actually HATE that song and for a long time, oh, I thought I hated them. I've had a change of heart. Still not convinced about that song though.

I just stared thinking about Joe from Govie land. He was perhaps the biggest musical snob of them all. Sarah, Will, thoughts? = )
Though, Kris gave him a run for his money...

Does anyone else feel like...

... no matter what they do it isn't right or good enough?
This sleep thing is out of control. I've stooped to playing Yahoo! POOL.

Blood and tears they were here first.

Uh oh. I believe I have a new obsession.

But sleep would be nice, too.

"With big intention
Still posted at your station
Allways on about the day you should have flied

You say too late to start got your heart in a headlock
I don't believe any of it
You say to late to start got your heart in a headlock
You know you better than this (how can you loose?)

You've been working
you've been hiding
and you look look half dead hald the time
Monitoring you
like machines do
You've still got it I'm just keeping an eye

So what
Don't care
will not
The end."

We are approaching 48 hours with no sleep. What if I just never slept again? Maybe I would get more done or I could have more time to brood. Eh.


See the resemblence?

After "funnelling" several...

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